4×4 EVO 2 (GameCube) Cheats

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Cheats for 4×4 EVO 2 on GameCube.
Note: This game is also referred to as 4×4 Evolution 2.

At the “Press Start” screen enter one or more of the following codes to unlock the corresponding cheat. If entered correctly you will hear a sound.

X, X, Z, Z, Y, Y, Z, X, Y, Y, X, Z.
Unlock all Missions in career mode.

Y, X, Z, Y, X, Z, X, X, Y, Z, X, Y.
Start the game with extra money: $1,234,567 instead of the usual $100,000.

Y, Y, Z, X, X, Z, Y, Y, Y, X, X, X.
Increases your reputation which opens all team invitations.