About CheatRaid

Welcome to the official website of the CheatRaid YouTube channel. Here you can find everything you’ll need to help you with your gaming, including cheats, tutorials, glitches, Easter eggs, features and more.

CheatRaid launched in June 2010 with our YouTube channel. It started off small, but over time has grown to reach thousands of subscribers and has gained over two million total upload views. In 2016 we started plans to relaunch the channel, and soon the finishing touches were being made to new graphics, videos and website. Now that the relaunch is live you’ll be able to interact with us through your favourite forms of social media, find plenty of content here on our new website, and expect regular new videos on our YouTube containing the thing that got us here today: the best cheats and tips for your games.

Get In Touch

We’re here if want to get in touch or have a problem with the website. You can contact us using the links below:
For business enquiries only, please email us here.

If you’ve found a cheat on our website that you think doesn’t work, contact us on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or Reddit using the links above – we can’t promise a response but we’ll check it out and make any changes needed. Due to the high number of comments and messages we receive we can’t help everyone through their games individually, so please don’t message us asking how to get past a certain level etc.

Music We Use

All of the music used in our new videos comes from incompetech – a royalty free music website by Kevin MacLeod.