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Cheats for Destroy All Humans! on Xbox.

To enter cheats in Destroy All Humans you need to pause the game, then hold down the left trigger and enter one or more of the following codes to unlock the corresponding cheat. A message will appear if you enter a cheat correctly.

Left, Y, White, Right, Black, X.
Ammo-A-Plenty – have unlimited ammo.

Right, X, White, Black, Right, White.
Aware Like A Fox – full alert meter.

X, Y, Left, Left, Y, X.
Bulletproof Crypto – become invincible (cheat must be entered while playing as Crypto).

Black, White, Y, Right, White, Y.
Deep Thinker – have infinite concentration.

Black, Black, White, White, Left, Right, Left, Right, White, Black.
Mmm… Brains! – increase DNA (cheat must be entered while at the mothership).

White, Right, White, Black, X, Right.
Nobody Loves You – reset alert meter.

X, Y, Left, Left, Y, X.
Pox Unlocks – unlocks all upgrades (cheat must be entered while in the mothership).