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Cheats for Grand Theft Auto IV on Xbox 360.
Note: This game is also referred to as GTA 4.

To enter cheats for the first time in GTA 4 you will need to bring up your in-game mobile phone by pressing up on the d-pad, and press up again to access the numeric keypad. Enter the following numbers and call them to unlock the corresponding cheat. Once you have typed in all the cheats that you want you can access them from the phone’s menu in a new option at the bottom (below options) called Cheats without having to type the numbers in again.

Some of these cheats will temporarily stop you from earning a few of the achievements in the game, but if you wish to earn them all you have to do is reload a previous game save.

362 555 0100
Get full health and armour.

482 555 0100
Get full health, armour, and tier 2 weapons with full ammo.

486 555 0100
Get all tier 1 weapons with full ammo.

486 555 0150
Get all tier 2 weapons with full ammo.

267 555 0100
Remove all wanted level stars.

267 555 0150
Add 1 star of wanted level (can be used repeatedly to add more stars).

359 555 0100
Spawn an Annihilator (police helicopter with miniguns).

227 555 0100
Spawn an FIB Buffalo (undercover police car).

227 555 0142
Spawn a Cognoscenti (luxury car).

227 555 0147
Spawn a Turismo (sports car).

227 555 0168
Spawn a Super GT (sports car).

227 555 0175
Spawn a Comet (sports car).

625 555 0100
Spawn an NRG-900 (superbike).

625 555 0150
Spawn a Sanchez (dirt-bike).

938 555 0100
Spawn a Jetmax (speedboat).

468 555 0100
Change the weather conditions.