Defense Grid: The Awakening (Xbox 360) Cheats

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Cheats for Defense Grid: The Awakening on Xbox 360.

While playing a level, click and hold down the right thumbstick and use the D-pad to enter the following codes.

Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right.
Level select.

Up, up, up, up.
Automatic instant victory.

Down, down, down, down.
Automatic instant defeat.

Right, right, right, right.
Get 100,000 resources.

Up, down, left, right.
Unlock all types of tower.

Up, left, down, right.
Aliens can’t take cores.

Left, right, left, right.
Kill all aliens.

Up, down, down, up.
Kill all aliens that are carrying cores.

Down, up, down, up.
Turn target reticule on/off.

Down, up, down, down.
Activate free camera mode (use the thumbsticks and shoulder buttons to move and look around).

Up, right, down, left.
Effect not known.

Left, left, right, right.
Effect not known.