DJ Hero 2 (PS3) Cheats

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Cheats for DJ Hero 2 on PS3.

From the menu go to Options > Cheats > Retail Cheat, and enter one or more of the following cheat codes. Note: These codes are case sensitive, and leaderboards will be temporarily disabled while you are using them.

Guetta Blaster
Unlock David Guetta.

I Hate Crossfading
Unlock Auto Crossfade.

In Trance We Trust
Unlock Tiesto.

Look No Hands!
Unlock Auto Tapper.

Make Some Noise
Unlock Noise Effect.

Now You See Me…
Unlock Invisible DJ.

Open The Trap
Unlock Deadmau5.

Rodent Replacement
Unlock Hamster Switch.

Unlock Auto Scratch.

VIP Pass
Unlock all content.