007 Legends (PS3) Cheats

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Cheats for 007 Legends on PS3.

From the main menu go to Extras, then Cheat Codes. Enter the following case-sensitive cheat codes to unlock the corresponding content.
Note: Content unlocked for multiplayer mode will be locked until level 6.

Unlocks James Bond (Astronaut) character in split screen mode.

Unlocks Goldfinger Pack: unlocks Goldfinger (Fort Knox) and Pussy Galore (Pilot) characters in multiplayer mode, and unlocks Mr. Ling character in split screen mode.

Unlocks James Bond (Jacket) character in split screen mode.

Unlocks 007 Pack: unlocks the Walther PPK weapon in both single player and multiplayer modes, unlocks James Bond (Spec Ops) character in split screen mode, and unlocks Fast Switch gadget in multiplayer mode.

Unlocks Moonraker Pack: unlocks Dr. Goodhead (Astronaut) and Drax Astronaut characters in split screen mode, and unlocks the Moonraker Laser Mk2 weapon in multiplayer mode.

Unlocks Stealth Pack: unlocks Long Reach and Acute Hearing gadgets in multiplayer mode.

Unlocks Nemesis Pack: unlocks Jaws (Astronaut) and Baron Samedi (Skeleton) characters in multiplayer mode.