The Simpsons Skateboarding (PS2) Cheats

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Cheats for The Simpsons Skateboarding on PS2.

At the character selection screen hold down L1, L2, R1 and R2 together and press one of the following button combinations to unlock the corresponding cheat. If entered correctly, you will hear a sound.

Circle, Triangle, Square, X.
Unlock Alternate Krusty.

Circle, Triangle, X, Square.
Unlock all characters.

Circle, X, Square, Triangle.
Unlock Alternate Bart.

Circle, X, Triangle, Square.
Unlock Big Head Homer.

Square, Triangle, Circle, X.
Unlock Alternate Lisa.

Square, Triangle, X, Circle.
Unlock Big Head Lisa.

Square, X, Circle, Triangle.
Unlock Alternate Otto.

Square, X, Triangle, Circle.
Unlock Big Head Frink.

Triangle, Circle, Square, X.
Unlock Alternate Wiggum.

Triangle, Circle, X, Square.
Unlock Alternate Homer.

Triangle, Square, Circle, X.
Unlock Big Head Nelson.

Triangle, Square, X, Circle.
Unlock Alternate Nelson.

Triangle, X, Circle, Square.
Get unlimited cash (your balance will display $99.00 and does not go down when you buy anything).

Triangle, X, Square, Circle.
Unlock all levels.

X, Circle, Square, Triangle.
Unlock Big Head Wiggum.

X, Circle, Triangle, Square.
Unlock Alternate Frink.

X, Square, Circle, Triangle.
Unlock Big Head Bart.

X, Square, Triangle, Circle.
Unlock Alternate Marge.

X, Triangle, Circle, Square.
Unlock all boards.

X, Triangle, Square, Circle.
Makes your character glow/look fuzzy.