The Simpsons: Road Rage (PS2) Cheats

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Cheats for The Simpsons: Road Rage on PS2.

At the Options menu hold L1 and R1, and enter one or more of the following cheats to unlock the corresponding effect. If entered correctly you will hear a sound, and if entered incorrectly you will hear a bird sound.
Note: Cheats only last for one game and will deactivate upon returning to the main menu. Money cannot be earned with cheats active.

Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle.
Makes all non-playable characters 2D.

Circle, Triangle, Square, X.
No traffic and no passengers, and a timer that you can start & stop with your horn.

Square, Square, Square, Square.
In Head to Head mode, makes the screen split for each player horizontally instead of vertically.

Square, Triangle, Triangle, Circle.
Disables the mini-map.

Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Circle.
Drive as Marge in a pilgrim costume driving a Thanksgiving themed Canyonero.

Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Square.
Drive as Krusty the Klown in a hat driving a New Year’s themed Klown Kar.

Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle.
Drive as Apu in a Santa costume driving a Christmas themed Sports Car.

Triangle, Triangle, Circle, X.
Drive as Bart in a Frankenstein costume driving a Halloween themed Honor Roller Soap Box Racer.

Triangle, Triangle, Square, Circle.
Drive a red brick car.

Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square.
Drive as Smithers in Mr Burns’ limo.

Triangle, Triangle, Square, X.
Drive a Nuclear bus.

Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle.
Triangle, X, X, X.
Unlocks the following new driving camera views in the pause menu: Overhead Camera; Look Camera; Tracking Camera; Kull Cam.

Triangle, Triangle, X, X.
Shows collision lines.

X, Circle, Triangle, Square.
Makes the game run in slow motion.

X, Triangle, Triangle, X.
Enable additional car controls:
When in the air, hold the Brake & Handbrake buttons and use the steering to roll the car.
When stationary, hold the Gas & Handbrake buttons, then release the handbrake for a speed boost.

X, X, X, X.
Makes the level night time.