Twisted Metal [1996] (PS1) Cheats

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Cheats for Twisted Metal [1996] on PS1.

Enter one or more of the following codes at the password screen to unlock the corresponding cheat:

Circle, Circle, Triangle, X, Space.
Helicopter view (can only be used on the levels Arena, Arena 2, and Rooftop).

Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Circle.
Warehouse level.

Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Square.
Secret level.

Square, Triangle, X, Circle, X.
Rooftop level.

Square, Triangle, X, Space, Circle.

Triangle, Space, Square, Circle, Circle.
Unlimited ammo.

Triangle, X, Circle, Square, Triangle.
Final battle level.

Triangle, X, Triangle, Triangle, Circle.
Unlimited turbo.

X, Square, Square, Circle, Triangle.
Freeway level.

X, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle.
Cyburbia level.

X, Triangle, Square, Circle, Square.
Park level.


As well as the cheats above, you can also press the following button combinations whilst in-game to change the HUD:

Press Right and Start at the same time for a rear view mirror.

Press Up and Start (or Down and Start) at the same time to change camera angles.

Press X and Start at the same time to see a list of opponents.