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Cheats for Need For Speed: High Stakes on PS1.
Note: This game is also called Need For Speed: Road Challenge, Over Drivin’ IV, and is also referred to NFS HS.

From the main menu go to Game Options, then go to User Name, and enter one of the following names to unlock the corresponding cheat. If you entered the cheat correctly you will hear a sound and a message will pop up saying Cheat Activated. Note: You will not be able to save your game with cheats active.

Unlocks the Phantom car.

Unlocks the Titan car.

Unlocks more police cars in Hot Pursuit mode. Note: There is no confirmation pop-up for this cheat, but you will still hear the confirmation sound when entered correctly.

Unlocks the helicopter in Test Drive mode.


To enter the following cheats, hold the buttons listed below as soon as you have pressed the button to start a race (before the loading screen appears), and keep holding them until the track has loaded.

Left, Square, & Circle.
Heavy car (you can ram AI cars really far). Only works in Time Trial & Hot Pursuit modes.

Up, L2, & R1.
Blurry/drunk mode.

Up, Triangle, & X.
Changes the bumper view to a cockpit/dashboard view.