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Cheats for The Culling Of The Cows on PC.

When in a level, press Shift + K simultaneously to gain access to the cheat console. Type in one of the following codes to unlock the corresponding effect. Codes are all lowercase.

1000 rounds
Infinite ammo.

ammo birdshot
Get birdshot ammo.

ammo buckshot
Get buckshot ammo.

ammo explosive
Get explosive ammo.

ammo slug
Get slugs ammo.

barn mg
Sentry gun.

barn saw
Door saws on the barn.

billy the old man
Max out all upgrades.

bomb run
Calls in a B2 bomber.

cant touch this

chopper run
Calls in an attack helicopter.

drop nuke
Drops a nuke.

farmer fast
Speed boost.

fast fingers
Maximum rate of fire.

fire line
Wall of fire.

give a hobo a buck
Gives 1 more credit.

give ammo
Full ammo.

give me the world
Unlock all levels.

give supply drop
Drop supply.

laser aim
Get a laser for your weapon.

max mag
Maximum ammo capacity.

meteor shower

slow time
Slow down time.

speed loader
Reload at maximum speed.

varo is the devil
Play as Varo.