The Simpsons: Hit & Run (GameCube) Cheats

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Cheats for The Simpsons: Hit & Run on GameCube.

From the Main Menu go to Options, hold L & R and press one of the following button combinations to unlock the corresponding cheat. If entered correctly you will hear a horn sound.

A, B, A, B.
Unlock all bonus cars – go to a phone booth and hold R to select any bonus car. Note: You must have 100% completion for this cheat to work.

Y, A, Y, A.
Invincible vehicle.

X, X, X, X.
Faster cars.

Y, Y, Y, Y.
Even faster cars.

X, X, X, Y.
Your vehicle will jump when the horn is pressed.

Y, Y, X, X.
Vehicles explode in 1 hit (excluding player vehicle).

B, B, Y, X.
The secret vehicles hidden in each level will be replaced with a small red brick car.

Y, Y, B, X.
Displays vehicle speed.

B, A, B, Y.
Wireframe grid view overlay.

Y, B, Y, B.
Blurred vision.

B, B, B, A.
Alternate camera.

A, X, X, Y.
Alternate credits.